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Dear Woman with a Wild Soul

I remember sitting around ceremonial fires, surrounded by sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, with you.

I remember ancient wisdom passed from down generation to generation.

It's in my bones.

It's real.

It's raw.

I remember.

I was there.

You were there.

I remember the ways our bodies moved softly, clothed in animal skins and fur.

Delightfully bumping into each other with laughter as we danced.




Hips swaying to the sounds of breezes in the treetops, of the birds singing from their nests.

The music.

The howling wind.

The sky twinkled with promises upon us as the fires burned into the night.

Embers flickered through the twilight, bringing our passion, our dreams, toward the cosmos.

The night was peaceful.

Its blackness covered us in possibilities where we dreamed.


We were wholly ourselves. Free. Love. We were wild.

We moved with the cycles of nature, of the seasons.

We nourished each other with our hearts, our art, our gifts, our truth.

We were One then. Remember?

There was no them and us.

It was all of Us.


We celebrated our differences. That's what made it all so magical.

It's time we share all the knowledge we have inside our hearts.

To claim it and support ourselves by coming together and being witnessed.


Heard in all our glory and in all our ragged, bone tiredness.

Because, damn, we're tired of doing all the things.


The land of the free and the home of the brave taught us that we would be "successful" by doing it their way. Muscling through.

Ignoring all the feelings.

That competition was the key, and fighting for the top spot was our salvation.

Because we have been taught that independence is the way.

That doing it all ourselves somehow makes us better. Stronger. More powerful. Mind over the heart.

But no.

We are better in numbers. Together.

Fitting our unique pieces together, woven into a collective mosaic that brings out our ultimate brilliance.

All the colors.

Our shimmering wishes.

We live softly in our bodies, gently. Now.

Because we have been through so much.

We have scars.

We have wounds that go deep.

Soul wounds disguised as body wounds because we were under a collective spell that said our bodies needed taming, shaming, blaming.

Because they were too powerful.

Our power was feared.

Our power was suppressed, repressed, oppressed because it was too big.

Too much.

Too real.

Our power is so immense.

Our power is our body. Our stories.

Our power is our connection to Our source.

Our power is together.

The wild body.

The dreaming body.

It cannot be tamed. It must breathe with the Mother, for it is where we derive our sustenance, our nurture.

Our nature.

Our bodies cannot be tamed because we come from wildish places and wildish dreams.

Our dreams cannot be tamed, for they come to us and through us.

We are the dreams of our ancestors.

To be the light in the world.

The peace in the community, at home in our hearts and our minds.

I have made many, many mistakes, yet I believe in innocence, I remember.

Sometimes it takes days, weeks, months to remember when I'm on my own. But there is always forgiveness. Compassion.

I believe that women are here to heal the world.

It's time we listen to what our hearts want.

Community. Support. Healing. Truth. Process.

It's time we love ourselves. Our bodies. Our dreams.

I am not against anything.

Because I know when I push back, that thing I go against becomes stronger.

It pushes against me.

The dark forces that seem to threaten us are created in our own minds, our imaginations.

They can only be transmuted through love. But we must find the strength to go there. To find love and forgiveness and compassion with those things we find most challenging to embrace.

All it requires is a letting go.

The revolution is gentle and soft.

It is calling us back to our center.

The revolution is in our hearts.

It is love.

It is positive.

I am pro-love










Can you hear it?

The sounds of the heartbeat of mother earth echoing softly in the distance, calling your name.

Calling you in.

You have been waiting for this.

We have been waiting for this because we have been dreaming together.

You may have lost your way or your faith, or your dream for a time because you were tired. Or afraid.

Afraid of being called out.

Afraid of sharing the truths lay inside.

But now, it's the time to come out and play.

This is your time.

To be celebrated.

To be danced.

To be your wild self in the moonlight.

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