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  • Jennifer Rivers

Haiku for the Earth & an Invitation to the Spring Cleanse

We cleanse the body,

the vessel for our visions


We gain clarity,

paving the way for peace in

our minds, hearts, and homes.

Home, the place where we

keep the sacred flame burning.

Remembering why.

Why we chose this path.

Why we are here at this time

On beautiful Earth.

Sometimes I forget,

and a gentle reminder

is all I need from

Mother Nature who

has the answers I seek in

seasons and rhythms.

"Shedding skins and ways,

allows us new beginnings,"

she says. Begin now.

Letting go, starting

new, is the dance on this Earth,

the dance we all learn.

And so we practice,

dancing with energy and

connecting the dots.

Infusing our lives

with the creative spirit

of transformation.

Make an altar that

energizes your body

& soul. Become free.

You're invited to

The space of being more at

home inside yourself.

Come and set your new

intentions in this time of

great uncertainty.

Be embraced by the

Great Mother Earth who heals and

Who transforms because

Change is the key to

freedom from the old ways that

don't fit our future.

Time to dream a new

way of being with ourselves

and with the whole world.

As a disciple

of spirit, we can begin

again and again.


When: April 18th-May 8th, 2022

Where: From the comfort of your home, or wherever you have access to a computer.

Why: To dream a new dream for yourself and the planet and begin again. To establish a foundation of long-term nourishment that includes home, food, relationships, body, spirituality, work, play, rest, creativity, and to experience peace, beauty in simplicity, connection, and your higher wisdom.

What is a Cleanse? A Cleanse is a practice in mindfulness, a retreat into yourself. It is not a diet or a fad with strict rules or regimens. Instead, it's a time to check in with yourself and see if your thoughts, feelings, habits, and beliefs are nourishing you or not. It's an opportunity to sift through what works and doesn't and choose new ways of being.

You can do this 21-day program in several ways, and you get to choose the best way for your health and your lifestyle. We can discuss the best option for you during our consultation time. However, it does require time and commitment for it to work.

Benefits of the Cleanse:

  • Better sleep

  • More energy and vitality

  • Greater clarity

  • Better digestion

  • Finding your unique rhythm

  • Lightness of being

  • A better understanding of what nourishes you best

  • A greater sense of inner peace

Investment: $150


  • One-hour private Integrative Wellness Consultation

  • Self-care guidelines & writing prompts to set new intentions

  • An online community of support with other self-nourishment enthusiasts!

  • Weekly Zoom calls (optional) to check in with questions

  • Text support for personal questions you may have throughout!

For more information, contact Jen at

Doors close April 8th, 2022 at noon.

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