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Creating Harmony On Mother Earth

October 24, 2021

We are humans

We are hearts

We are healing on mother earth.

We remember our connectedness

With All that Is.

All our beings intertwined in a blanket

Of possibility so big that we sometimes forget

And become complacent in our Quest.



To move forward, we must rest.


Then we can remember, we aren't doing it alone.

We are walking together

Hand in hand on this unfolding adventure

Moving forward


Inner-peace and brotherhood/sisterhood

With the

Creator of

Good Orderly Direction.

Great Organizing Dimensions.

Governing Our Discipline.

We remember the truths of

The Great Mother

The one who loves all.

Retaining the gentleness of spirit in our hearts,

The lightness of touch,

Of kindness

A smile

To undo


Of war and strife.

To heal the battles that have made their way into our minds and bodies

Battles we've carried for centuries.

Now, it's time we put them down.

Gently, lightly.

Feel the softness of the whisper inside your heart, saying:

Less authority, more inner-authority.

Less government, more self-governance.

Fewer rules, more guidelines.

Less adherence to a norm, more

Embracing authenticity.

Authentic expression

Of healing language to sing over

The souls

Of those who have forgotten their way home.

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