What are your dreams for your health and your life? How would you like to feel? If you would like some support on your health journey, I offer this free consultation to connect with me and see what it would be like to work together. 




The Fall Cleanse is a practice in mindfulness and nourishment.


Fall is a time of year when we need to slow down, simplify our diets, improve our relationships, get ready to receive the dreams and visions that winter brings so that we know what seeds to plant come spring.


The Fall Cleanse is not a diet or a program with strict rules and regimens. It's an online course designed to nourish your body and mind, making space in your life where your transformation can begin. All you need is an open heart and an interest in exploring your beliefs about food, body, intimacy, and emotions.


Benefits of the Cleanse:

  • Elimination of toxins from the body

  • More energy, vitality, and freedom

  • Simplification and ease of digestion

  • Freedom from cravings

  • Weight loss

  • Better sleep

  • A heightened sense of clarity and focus

  • Greater awareness of dreams, visions, and goals

 The Cleanse runs from October 15-November 4, 2019.

Investment: $129





In these coaching programs, we’ll work together to craft an individualized wellness plan and send you down the road to health. This program will set you up with writing exercises, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, and a mindset that will serve you for a lifetime.


Private Counseling is available by phone, online, or live within the Philadelphia area.


As a client, you will learn to:

  • Connect to your intuitive wisdom

  • Create deeper relationships with those you love

  • Understand what you truly desire

  • Learn how to nourish yourself with foods from nature

  • Create more harmony, happiness, and health in your life

  • Put YOU and your creative projects first

  • Experience higher productivity and more fulfillment

  • Set simple, fun, and attainable goals

  • Create profound and sustainable self-care rituals

  • Feel more clarity, contentment, and inner peace

  • Feel at home in your body


Each program includes:

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month, by phone or online, where you will have my undivided attention

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Knowledge about holistic wellness

  • Access to my monthly newsletter, blog, and offerings

  • Clear recommendations to help you reach your goals

  • Delicious and healthy recipes

  • My complete and total commitment to your success


3-Month Program:

This three-month program is for people who already have a vision of what their healthiest life looks like, and they’re ready to create it.


Here, you will align with what nourishes you best in mind, body, and soul, implementing strategies that will bring you an abundance of clarity, energy, and lightness. After three short months, you will see and feel the changes in both your body and heart.


Investment: $1,500



6-Month Program:

This six-month program is a deep dive into transformation, giving you all the time you need to discover, align with, and implement your personal wellness goals.


Here, we will work to connect you with to your intuitive wisdom. You already know deep inside what nourishes you. You just need the tools to set out on your wellness journey with confidence and clarity. After six months, you will see positive physical changes, but more profound are the mindset shifts that will have occurred.


Investment: $2,500

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