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Green Goodness

Spring is a time of regeneration, rebirth and renewal. It's a a time to begin again, and dream a new dream for ourselves and for the Earth. 


During our 21-days together you will set intentions for yourself and create a vision for your life and your health, while enjoying whole, organic, delicious foods from nature, prioritizing rest and engaging in activities that nourish and uplift us. The Cleanse is a commitment to radical self-care. This virtual program is a supportive environment where your thoughts, ideas, comments and suggestions are confidential.  This space is a vehicle for self-growth, mutual support and encouragement. The collective energy that a group program generates is a powerful vehicle for healing. 


For 21-days, you will focus on fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, beans, fish and tofu. You'll take a break from caffeine, alcohol, red meat, flour and flour products, dairy, sugar, and processed foods. There is no one way to do the Cleanse. It can be tailored to fit your lifestyle and specific needs.

Benefits of a Cleanse:

  • elimination of toxins from the body and a happy liver

  • more energy, vitality and freedom

  • simplification and ease of digestion

  • freedom from cravings

  • better sleep

  • a heightened sense of clarity and focus

  • a greater awareness of dreams, visions and goals

  • lightness of being and most particpants experience weight loss

Your program includes:

  • initial 45-minute Health Consultation 

  • daily support and inspiration

  • writing exercises to help you clarify your goals for your health and your dreams

  • self-care & lifestyle suggestions

  • recipes 

  • an online community of people creating greater health and well-being

  • my 100% commitment to your process!

If you're ready to join, buy the book If the Buddha Came to Dinner, by Hale Sofia Schatz. You can find it online. It's a fantastic book filled with amazing recipes and will give you a clear understanding of the spiritual, physical and emotional reasons to cleanse.

April 18-May 8, 2022


Investment: $150



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Nature is regenerative. Humans are too. 

I believe in the body's innate capacity to heal itself, given the right conditions. By making simple changes with food and lifestyle, and with commitment, patience, and perseverance, you will create a restoration of health. 


Integrative Wellness Coaching

Each program includes:

  • two 1-hour coaching sessions per month

  • delicious and healthy recipes to prepare

  • information that will increase your knowledge about health and wellness

  • access to my monthly newsletter and offerings

  • free participation in all programs, including The Cleanse 

  • health-related goodies 

  • clear recommendations to help you reach your goals

  • Text and email support throughout your program

  • my complete and total commitment to your success!

As a client, you will experience:

  • goal setting that is simple, effective, and fun

  • greater confidence and clarity of thought

  • a greater sense of calm and peace

  • listening to your body's intuition

  • finding your natural rhythm

  • more energy and enthusiasm

  • how to reduce cravings

  • deeper relationships with your family and friends

  • greater productivity at work

Three-Month Program:

You have a vision of your healthiest life, and you're ready to commit to it. In the 3-month program, you will align with what nourishes you best and implement strategies to bring you excellent clarity, energy, and lightness. You are beginning to see and feel the changes!

Investment: $950

Six-Month Program:

The 6-month program is the ultimate time frame necessary to become fully aligned with your personal wellness goals. You're energized and intuitively connected to your most profound wisdom. You know what nourishes you best and have the tools you need to continue on your wellness journey with confidence and clarity. You can see and feel changes physically, but more profoundly are the mindset shifts. This program is for those ready to commit to the call to transform.

Investment: $1,750


Zodiac Chart

Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.                    ~Dane Rudhyar


Astrology is the study of nature and the cycles of time, where everything is interconnected and constantly telling stories. Through metaphor and myth, we can begin a call and response dialogue with a living universe that wants to engage with us. Through astrology, we can know ourselves and others better, understand historical events, and how to be in alignment with our own natural rhythms and cycles.


I don't use it as a predictive tool, but rather as a way to understand the current energies and how they may be affecting an individual and the collective. 

Natal Chart Reading: Your birthchart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you drew your first breath, This reading is a look into the way you are motivated, your strengths, challenges, how you love, and what your soul is asking you in this lifetime

90 minutes: $125

Synastry Reading: This reading looks at relationship between two people by looking at both of their charts to find strengths and potential challenges.

90 minutes: $175