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About the Work

Humanity is at a crossroads. We can choose the ways we know, which clearly don't work anymore, or we can take a step into the unknown and learn new yet ancient ways to inform our path forward. 


Why are we here, and what is our purpose


Whether you seek spiritual answers through your astrological birth chart or holistic counseling, I am here for you as a partner and a guide as you explore the inner dimensions. I believe that each of us is encoded with all the answers we need within ourselves and that sometimes, we need a sounding board to hear ourselves clearly, and trust the information we receive. 


By partnering with nature and the cosmos, you'll better hear your intuitive wisdom and nourish all areas of your life. So you tell me your story, and I'll be the detective. Together, we'll connect the dots, and I'll cheer you on as you make the changes in your life you desire. 


About Jen


Hi, I'm Jen. Thanks for stopping by. 


I'm married and live in a small, New England village with my husband, our son, and two cats. I'm a writer, astrologer, holistic guide and a visionary educator of the new paradigm of learning called unschooling. 

My background is in Philosophy and Education, with degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Elementary and Middle School English. While going through my own healing journey, I studied healing arts in Taos, New Mexico, in the mid-90's, with a focus on massage therapy, energy medicine, herbs, and spirituality, and practiced bodywork for a decade. While in New Mexico I spent most of my time with friends at Taos Pueblo, sharing stories and healing work, while learning their ceremonies and customs. Their ways mirrored the multifaceted worlds of reality I'd always felt were there, realities alive in the mysteries I'd read as a child. They were ancient, timeless. We would sit around the fires at night, and my friends and I would share food and stories about what we'd see in the sky, and we'd eat with prayer and gratitude.


For ten years I was an elementary and middle school teacher, studied martial arts, and yoga and then became a yoga teacher. I had my son and opened my holistic counseling business in  2010. As a Board Certified Holistic Health Counselor, accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I've been guiding women, and a few men, through online programs, live and in-person programs and through astrological counseling. 

I see a different way forward. A way that is gentle, in alignment and flow with the rhythms of the earth and filled with ease and wellbeing for all people. If you seek practical, emotional or spiritual support, I invite you to connect with me where I'll meet you in your process.

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