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Do not lose heart. We are made for these times. For years we have been listening, practicing, been in training for...and just waiting to meet on this exact plane of engagement. -Clarissa Pinkola Estes  

Jennifer Rivers

About the Work


My greatest honor is to be of service to those seeking new ways to elevate their minds, bodies and spirits while unfolding in their own process. Adding in the things that heal while discarding the unhelpful bits. Bits we learned in a society that has placed us into categories, roles, and boxes. While the world is set up for competition, with lists to tackle, grades to get, and titles to achieve, here, there is nothing to prove. Here there is self-acceptance, truth, and self-compassion. 


This is creative work! This work is about you and the story you desire to create for your life and wellbeing. Because you are the creator. By partnering with nature and the cosmos, you will better hear your intuitive wisdom and align with all that nourishes your whole life.  So you tell me your story, and I'll be the detective. Together, we'll connect the dots of your life, and I'll cheer you on as you make the changes you desire!

About Me

I believe the future is positive.

I believe we're here to experience joy, freedom, health, and liberation. Nature is regenerative and self-healing. Humans are too. Living by nature's laws, makes us healthier because we are nature evolving. And healing ourselves heals the Earth. One small change at a time. 

I am pro-growth, pro-choice and pro-diversity.

An incarnational agent of Mercury.  A good detective. Aligned with the cosmos.

A gardener of energy, I clean, clear and cleanse. A bridge between worlds.

I have faith in humanity. I believe less is more, that health, our children, and our elders are our greatest wealth, and that humans can learn a lot from living simply. As a species, we are at crossroads. We can choose love or fear. And depending on which way we choose, it determines the outcome. 


I'm married and live in Vermont with my husband, our son, and two cats, George and Olive. I'm an unschooling mom to our 11-year old son.

Growing up in New England, I explored the deep woods, the ocean, and the mountains, to my heart's content. Mysteries compelled me with their desire to be solved, and I read the Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew series as quickly as I could find them. After graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Indigenous Studies, I lived in Colorado and then Taos, New Mexico, to study healing arts and massage therapy. Friendships I made at Taos Pueblo mirrored the multifaceted worlds of reality I had always known were there, realities alive in the mysteries I'd read as a child. In that ancient place, pieces of truth fitted together, and I began to remember where I came from. We would sit around the fires at night, and they'd tell me stories about what we'd see in the sky. 


After practicing healing arts for a decade, I taught elementary and middle school in public and private school for a decade, continued my studies in consciousness, metaphysics, and healing arts. Then I met my husband, and my most life-changing work would come next, being a mother. But then, motherhood isn't "work," is it?


Little did I know the incredible adventure parenthood would be! I had my son, and after a couple months of sleep deprivation, I was in a whole new world. While I had plans to open my holistic health business, my body and mind had an entirely different plan for me. Attuning to my own well-being was the top priority. I knew that to be a mother, I needed to be healthy. But it presented an unplanned dilemma; not work and be a full-time parent? That's what I chose, and that choice created a life of much simplicity, yet rich with growth, deep diving into unknown places and new faces, and a new understanding of what life is for.


At night I wouldn't sleep, as my hormones did their thing, so I'd wake and quietly go downstairs to read texts by ascended masters, write in my notebooks and meditate. I spent my days with my son, watching him grow, parsing out all I had learned about the world through the lens of a colonized society, holding it next to my expanded version of truth which had been confirmed living in the west and southwest. My inner-knowing that community and nourishment from working cooperatively were what I believed in. But where was that community, and why did I feel so distanced from it? I deep dove into astrology and began putting more pieces of this puzzle together, following intuitive hits more and more frequently.


In 2019, we moved from the Philadelphia area, where family was nearby, to Vermont, which had been calling me back for years. The slower pace of life, the neighborhood we moved to, with a mountain right behind our home, was exactly what I needed. When March 2020 arrived, and my son told us he didn't want to return to school, ever, I began reading everything I could about self-directed learning. We started deschooling, and we began unschooling. So much to learn, but really, so much more to unlearn. 

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