Beautiful Nature


Do not lose heart. We are made for these times. For years we have been listening, practicing, been in training for...and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement. -Clarissa Pinkola Estes  


About  Jen


Mother. Writer. Star watcher. Unschooler. Holsitic Counselor & Creator of The Medicine Story.

My Experience

Growing up in New England, I spent my days studying the rhythms and cycles of nature. I was fascinated by mysteries and my childhood heroines Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew led me down a path of intrigue. I went on to study Cultural Anthropology, Spirituality, and Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. 


I moved to Taos, New Mexico after college, and attended school for healing arts, studying bodywork, energy work, and intuitive development. There, I was fortunate to develop deep relationships with friends atTaos Pueblo, where I took part in their ceremonies, rituals, and traditions. They shared stories about their history, and we'd talk about the things we'd see in the night sky around the fire. Things they said their ancestors had seen for centuries. Since then, I've been learning the universal language of the cosmos, astrology, and include it in my work. 

While practicing massage therapy, I earned a degree in Elementary Education and Middle School English and taught in public and private schools in Philadelphia and Cambridge, MA, for a decade. I shared with students the power of meditation, visualization, and creative self-expression, and after a decade of teaching in the system, I knew I needed to make a radical change. 

In 2010, I was married, became a Certified Holistic Counselor, and a mom. I thought I'd take a few months off to rest, heal and acclimate to being a mother, then begin working from home full-time. But after a few months of being home with a baby, I knew I had to get creative with my time and energy and work within specific boundaries to maintain my strength and alignment. 


I worked part-time, counseling busy professionals, mostly mothers and women, by phone and online programs. I led seasonal cleanses, online group programs and women's circles in my living room. They shared their stories, healing themselves of a variety of symptoms. Some had insomnia; some healed themselves from cancer, weight, and digestive issues. Some transitioned from one career to another. Most everyone experienced changes for the better in their relationships and at home. What I found was that when women shared their stories in circles, it generated powerful healing.


The Work

This work is about you and your story. The story you desire to create for your life and wellbeing. By partnering with nature and the cosmos, you can better hear your body's intuitive wisdom and align with all that nourishes your whole life. The work is practical and simple, but might not be easy. You tell me your story, and I'll be the detective. Together, we'll connect the dots of your life, and I'll cheer you on as you make the changes you desire.

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