Image by Bobbi Gaukel

agent of renewal &
liberator of visionary energies

harmony on mother earth

We are humans, we are healing, we are hearts on mother earth, united in an effort to create more simplicity in our lives, peace in our bodies and minds, and more love in the world. 

“I wonder if much that ails our society stems from the fact that we have allowed ourselves to be cut off from that love of, and from, the land. It is medicine for broken land and empty hearts.”--Robin Wall Kimmerer



Hello, I'm Jen. I'm an agent of renewal, and a liberator of visionary energies for harmony on mother earth.  I live with my husband, our son, and our two cats in a small New England village.

Inspired by the great mystery and all things unseen,

I unschool my son, write, practice astrology and detective-like, guide women (and sometimes men, too) by phone, Zoom, and in-person, to re-connect with their true nature as a cosmic being, and cerate a sustainable life aligned with natural and spiritual law.



Astrology is the language of the cosmos. It is always supportive, and works in alignment with natural and spiritual law. 

Astrology Readings are available in

 90-minute sessions. Astrology is a tool for self-growth, self-healing and understanding the soul's purpose while empowering you to create a more harmonious life, with practical, intuitve and spiritual insights. 



(Alignment with Earth)

October 23-November 21, 2022 

30-Days of soul nourishment with ritual, myth, food & astrology.

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This self-healing program provides you with practical tools and spiritual insights to support you in creating optimal wellbeing. You will connect with your intuition and find what nourishes you best, in all aspects of your life. We'll meet by phone or Zoom once every other week for three or six months.


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