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guiding wild souls to remember who they are



Welcome. I'm Jen Rivers, unschooling mom, writer and astrologer. I offer intuitive & regenerative guidance through astrological alchemy and holistic wisdom rooted in the understanding that we are nature--all connected to the same source. 

I work from a little yellow house in a small village in Vermont, on unceded Abenaki/Wabanaki land of the Dawnland Confederacy. I honor the land and its past inhabitants, recognizing that our shared history and wisdom are essential to shaping a just and inclusive future. 

Seeking practical and intuitive support on your spiritual path? If so, I inviote you to connect with me!





Astrology readings will provide you with an in-depth look into your unique energetic blueprint, giving you insight into what is happening in your life and how to best move forward in alignment. Readings are a practical application of natural and spritual law.

By understanding the cosmic cycles and aligning with the energies available, we can create a life of greater peace, self-love and self-acceptance. I invite you to schedule a reading and join me on this adventure of self-discovery!


(Collaborative Regeneration of Wisdom)

September-December 2023

Got something to crow about? Me too! Consider me a "crow"-conspirator on your quest for dream realization!

 This work brings together women of all ages and backgrounds in a circle of interconnection.

We believe in restoring the sacred hearth to the center of our circle, a circle of equals, co-creating a space of spiritual, practical, and transformational regeneration.

Holsitic Regeneration provides a safe space for you to gain clarity and access your inner wisdom. Through this 1:1 program, you will be able to explore and uncover what best nourishes and supports you in all areas of your life.

We'll meet by phone or Zoom every other week for three or six months, and you will be given practical tools and insights to contribute to your wellbeing, body and soul.

Sign up here for more information!

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