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Hello, Dear Friend!

Today officially marks spring, the Spring Equinox. A fresh start. A new beginning. It's also a Full Moon in Libra. The Full Moon represents a culmination of something, an ending. And Libra, the constellation of balance, rules relationships and all things fair and equal. As we enter the season of Aries, a time of fire and action, we are beginning to plant seeds that sprouted in our winter dreams. And with Mercury, the planet of communication, going retrograde (backward) in the sign of Pisces, the constellation of the dreamer, visionary, and mystic, we are still in the process of reviewing our dreams from winter. So, there may be a feeling of fogginess, lack of clarity, a tug of war of sorts, with the past that we're finishing up reviewing and a pull into the future of what has not yet manifested.

If we feel caught in between the past and future, what will help to balance us? What practices do you have to support the body to and mind keep balanced? I like to use the Breath of Fire every morning. It helps ground me and keeps me focused throughout the day. Here is a link to how to do the breath of fire:

Another practical tool is list making. And of course...spring cleaning, anyone? :)

What were your dreams this past winter? Which will you seed this spring and which ones will you let go of so you can focus your attention on the ones you want to create most?

If you'd like practical and intuitive support as we head into spring, I'm offering a 10-day Spring Cleanse, in April, Astrology readings, and Holistic Coaching in Nature (and via phone or Skype).

What seeds are you planting this spring?

I'd love to hear.

Peace & Love, Jen

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