• Jennifer Rivers

The Season of Letting Go

Slowing Our Rhythm

I hope this finds you and your family well and enjoying the fall season!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the season of autumn carries with it the element of Metal. The organs associated with the Metal element are the colon, which aids the elimination process, and the lungs, which do the work of filtering in fresh, new, fall air. If the bowel is sluggish or filled with old waste or the lungs become congested, that's breeding grounds for low energy, colds, and illness. The element of Metal also associates with the emotion of grief. The work of autumn is the work of letting go and clearing out old beliefs, patterns and dynamics to make space for the dreams we have for our lives and the world.

And the world needs new fresh, ideas and visions, now, more than ever.

If we look at nature, we see leaves dropping from the trees. Trees let go without thinking. The trees have been great teachers in my life. From growing up in New England where I spent much of my time in the deep woods filled with maple, birch, and fir, to the redwood forest I worked at in California, to the aspen groves in Colorado and New Mexico, to the national park at Valley Forge where I now take walks, the trees, carry great energy and wisdom. Their roots run deep, connecting with other trees nearby, while their branches reach for the sky. The life cycle of a tree shows us how we can follow the cues of nature and make the necessary changes we need along with the seasons.

There are many ways to witness ourselves with compassion and find more space four ourselves in our lives (see below for a few more self-compassion practices). When we shift from old patterns to new, lighter ways of living and being, feelings of peace, balance and harmony naturally replace the old. Look at nature and see how she's slowing down. She's asking us to slow down too; to become aware of our breath, our rhythms and our habitual responses to life.

What dreams are you cultivating now? What are the habits and patterns that serve you? Which ones are are you seeking to change?

I'd love to hear from you!


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