• Jennifer Rivers

Dear Woman With a Wild Soul

I remember sitting around ceremonial fires, surrounded by sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties.

With you.

I remember ancient wisdom passed from down generation to generation.

It's in my bones.

It's real.

It's raw.

I remember.

I remember the ways our bodies moved softly, clothed in fabric made of animal skins and fur.

Delightfully bumping into each other with laughter as we danced.




Hips swaying to the sounds of breezes in the treetops,

of the birds singing from their nests.

The music.

The howling wind.

The sky twinkled with promises upon us as the fires burned into the night.

Embers flickered through twilight bringing our passions, our dreams toward the heavens.

The night was peace.

Its blackness covered us in possibilities where we dreamed.


We were wholly ourselves. Free. Love.

We were wild.

We moved with the cycles of nature. Of the seasons.

We nourished each other with our hearts, our art, our gifts, our truth.

We were One then.


There was no them and us.

It was all Us. Together.

One heart, one mind, one body.

We celebrated our differences.

We're better in numbers. Together.

Fitting our unique pieces together, woven into a collective mosaic that brings out our ultimate vibrance.

All the colors.

Our shimmering wishes.

We live softly in our bodies, gently.


Because we have been through so much.

Our power is so big.

Our power is our body.

Our stories.

Our power is our connection to Our source.

Our power is together.

We are the dreams of our ancestors.

To be the light in the world.

The peace in the community.

At home in our hearts.

I have made mistakes and yet, still,

I believe in the innocence, I remember.

Sometimes, I still get lost. And forget.

But there is always forgiveness.


It's time we listen to our hearts.

Community. Support. Healing. Truth. Process.

It's time we love ourselves. Our bodies. Our dreams.

The revolution can be gentle and soft.

It is calling us back to our center.

Like a feather.

The revolution is in our heart.

It is love.

It is positive.

It is wild.

I am:

pro-_all the shades of love_








Can you hear it?

The sounds of the drum echoing softly in the distance calling your name?

Calling you in.

You have been waiting for this.

We have been waiting for this because we have been dreaming together.

This is your time.

To be celebrated.

To be danced.

To be your wild self in the moonlight.

_See you by the fire._




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