• Jennifer Rivers

Whatever Brings You Joy, Do That.

Hello, Friends!

As we move into the chillier and shorter days of fall and through these challenging times in our world, I send love and big hugs to you.

Fall is a perfect time to spend a few days gently cleansing the body, getting physical exercise, massage or energy work to help create energetic alignment and inner-stability. It's important to work with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are coming up now in ways that support our well-being.

What can you do for yourself now to create inner-stablility?

Here are a few ideas:

▪Talk to a friend.

▪Rest up.

▪Read a good book (I'm just finishing Brene Brown's latest, Braving the Wilderness and I highly recommend it!)

▪Gather together with your loved ones.

▪Listen to uplifting music, meditate, draw, paint, eat warming foods that feed your soul, be kind and fiercely gentle with yourself, take baths, hug people, take walks, get out in nature.

Whatever it is that brings you joy, do that.

Tomorrow, October 5th is a Full Moon, a good time to focus on your dreams and what nurtures your desires and look at what thoughts, patterns or beliefs can be let go of.

What will you do to create some inner-stability this month? I'd love to hear, so let me know!

Love, Jen

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