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Shhh...Your Intuition is Talking

“Listen, listen, listen to your Heart’s song.”—Paramahansa Yogananda

June 1, 2017

Hello, Beautiful Friend!

How are you?

Summer's just around the corner and with all the celebrating, traveling, excitement and fun, I wanted to remind you of this great ability you have.

Listening to your intuition.

What is our intuition and how do we tune into it?

Our intuition is like an internal GPS, guiding us toward our next steps in life, from what we will eat for breakfast, to which route we should take to work, to whether or not we should move to a new state, quit a job or take a new one. It's that small, still voice inside. It connects us with our inner truth and it’s known as our “sixth sense. I’ve always had a strong connection with mine and have noticed over the years that when I'm taking care of myself in the ways I can, I'm more in tune with it. I haven't been as in tune when I've missed sleep (like the year and a half after Owen was born!) or there’s been a particularly stressful situation. Now, unlike when I was younger and tended to “power through” those kinds of times, missing what my intuition was trying to tell me, I slow down enough to hear it.

Intuition is related to the sixth chakra, the area between the eyes, or the “third eye” of our energy body and it’s related to the color indigo. It connects us to our greater vision for ourselves and the world. It connects us with our imagination and helps us to focus on the good of all things. In the Chinese Five Element system, intuition is connected to the Air, Metal, Water and Fire Elements. The Fire element governs the Heart, which is where the first sparks of intuition can be felt. Our feelings (Water) are triggered after we’ve had enough breath (Air) in our lungs and the body is relaxed enough to integrate new information coming in.

We all have the power to tap into our intuition and find the balance between our hearts and minds and what they're telling us. Keeping our minds open and clear means making the space for ourselves to be able to listen. By doing this on a consistent basis, I believe it's one way to connect with our deepest wisdom, heal ourselves and in that small act, help to heal the world.

Three Ways to Tune Into Your Intuition:

1. Quiet Your Mind: We are much more than our thoughts. But when we live on auto-pilot we can convince ourselves that our thoughts are who we are. Here's a way to quiet the mind. Find a place in your home or in nature where you won't be disturbed. Sit cross legged and close your eyes, inhaling deeply and exhaling. Do this a few times. As the thoughts come, imagine they are clouds, floating through your consciousness but not staying there. Watch them, say hello and let them go. Put your focus on a word, or mantra and where you feel the thoughts come in, come back to your word. Sit for ten minutes and see how you feel after.

2. Listen to Your Gut: We get visceral feelings from our gut. We "know" when to trust someone or something and when not to. We know if a type of food or a certain event would be a good thing for us or not. Don't dismiss these visceral feelings you get when you just know. That is your intuition.

3. Remember Your Dreams: Have you ever kept a dream journal? Our dreams are answering us when our rational minds can't. Before going to bed, ask a specific question. It might be related to your health, your relationships, your work or something else. Go to sleep and when you wake up, first thing, begin writing in your journal. See if the answer comes to you. If not, try it again the next night. Be patient. Try it for a week and see what happens!

Happy tuning in!

Love, Jen

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